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November 30, 1999

After Hawaii, Louisiana, and Iowa finally toughened up their school licensing laws, South Dakota earned the undistinguished honor of being the most popular haven for unaccredited schools. A number of less-than-wonderful institutions suddenly began to advertise from addresses in South Dakota, typically in malls and business centers just across the border from some of the larger towns in Iowa.

In refreshing contrast to its predecessors, South Dakota did not tolerate this situation for long. The legislature approved a bill that requires degree-granting institutions in South Dakota to be accredited. The approximately 20 unaccredited institutions registered in South Dakota, including Adam Smith University, Rushmore University, and Trinity College & University (the U.S. version), will have to flee to another state, fold, or become accredited. Where will the herd migrate next? Stay tuned.

Columbia Southern earns DETC accreditation

Columbia Southern University, of Orange Beach, Alabama, has won accreditation from the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). CSU had to abandon its PhD programs as part of the process, since the DETC is not authorized to accredit doctorate-granting schools.

Distance learning at Cambridge

In 2002, the University of Cambridge became the most prestigious school to enter the distance MBA market, with the introduction of an eMBA program, that will alternate three weeks on campus with four months of independent study. The cost will be in the vicinity of $60,000, and the program is being developed in association with Pearson, the large educational publishing firm.

College for sale

Norwich University announced its intention of selling its distance-learning school, Vermont College. The Australian government has announced the intention of starting what would be a huge distance-learning university, with up to 100,000 students, offering online degrees at relatively modest prices. No word on exactly when this may happen.