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Art & Design Degrees and Programs Offered in Georgia (GA)

You can combine your creative talent, communication skills, and problem solving techniques to earn a 4-year art & design degree in Georgia. It can open the door to many career options, such as fine arts work in sculpting, painting or illustrating, multimedia design, interior design or commercial and industrial design. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 39,970 people were employed in the fields of art, design, entertainment, sport and media in Georgia as of May 2009. In 2009, the mean hourly wage for these industries in the state was $23.62 and the mean annual salary was $49,130.

Art & design degrees in GA

The Georgia Department of Labor lists interior design as one of the jobs that should be most in demand in 2011. After completing a bachelor's degree in art and design in Georgia, interior designers have the opportunities to enter into a 1-3 year apprenticeship to gain further experience before working alone. Interior designers in Georgia require licensure from the Georgia Board of Architects and Interior designers. According to the BLS, the mean annual salary for interior designers in Georgia was just over $50,000 in 2009.