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Education at Idaho Schools Can Lead to a Good-Paying Career

Idaho is known for more than its "Famous Potatoes." Idaho's economy is strong from other agricultural products, such as wheat, hops, and hay. Dairy products, beef cattle and calves also help generate revenue for the state. Electrical equipment is Idaho's leading manufactured product, and the state also is known for its mining of fertilizer, silver, and gold.

The capital city of Boise in Ada County is Idaho's largest city. Of the state's 1.54 million residents in 2009, nearly 200,000 called Boise home, and there were more than 380,000 residents in Ada County.

Idaho Jobs: Outlook for Idaho Job Market

Idaho has the luxury of a very diverse economy, so jobs for qualified and well-trained individuals should be good in coming years. Jobs in mining should be strong as long as the price of gold and silver remain at record levels. Some of the world's foremost computer companies are headquartered in Boise, and the state employs many electrical engineers and other computer professionals. Idaho also needs talented office and administrative support for the many companies located in the state.

Idaho Careers: Earning Degrees from Idaho Schools

Earning a degree from Idaho schools may stand you a better chance at finding more lucrative work. Mining engineers and electrical engineers are growing Idaho careers, but workers may obtain a post-secondary education from the state schools or online degree programs which may lead a better career opportunities for them.

The mean annual wage in Idaho in 2009 was $37,920, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. Engineering occupations earned mean annual wages of $68,460, and computer system software engineers earned $85,380.