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Indiana Careers, Education, and Economy

With the recent resurgence of the American automotive industry, Indiana economy is poised for an upturn. Manufacturing is the largest industry segment in Indiana, providing more than 25 percent of the gross state product. Other major economic contributors are agriculture, mining, financial services, and health services. Indiana's mean annual income was $38,330 as of May 2009, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Indiana Careers

The BLS projects the highest job growth in Indiana's job market to be the computer and information technology segment, with excellent demand for computer network, systems, and database administrators, whose mean annual incomes in Indiana exceeded $60,000 as of May 2009. These jobs cross industry boundaries, being necessary to businesses in general. Health care professionals may also be in high demand, with strong growth projected between 2008 and 2018. Indiana jobs for registered nurses paid a mean of over $57,000 in May 2009, and medical/health services managers earned over $78,000. In the manufacturing sector, industrial production managers' mean annual compensation in Indiana topped $88,000.

Indiana Schools and Career Education

Post-secondary Indiana schools are a mix of state and private universities, colleges, and technical institutes providing degree programs that can lead to rewarding careers. Since unemployment rates for holders of bachelor's degrees are much lower than those for high school graduates (5.2 percent vs. 9.7 percent), and median weekly salaries are higher ($1025 vs. $699), it is easy to see the value of a degree. For higher-paying Indiana jobs, an associate or bachelor's degree is often a minimum requirement. For those with work or family obligations that preclude a traditional campus-based degree program, many Indiana schools offer online degrees.