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Kansas Careers Start with Kansas Degrees

Kansas is one of the Great Plains states, with agriculture the primary driver of its economy. Although this segment has remained strong, other segments are just beginner to recover from the recession: manufacturing, transportation and professional services. There is also growth in the health services, education, and government sectors. The job market overall is good, with a low 6.7 percent unemployment rate as of October 2010 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The mean annual income for Kansas residents is $38,530.

The Job Market in Kansas

Although the BLS expects information technology to grow in Kansas from 2008 to 2018, compensation in agriculture compares favorably with Kansas jobs in IT and computer science. The mean annual income for a computer programmer in Kansas as of May 2009 was $68,900 compared to $66,290 for farm, ranch, and other agricultural managers, $68,360 for agricultural engineers, and $82,920 for purchasing agents and buyers of farm products. Among Kansas jobs in the medical field, physician assistants earned $82,100 and registered nurses made $55,730.

Kansas Schools and Degree Programs

As one might expect, Kansas has strong agricultural degree programs at many of its 37 public colleges and universities as well as offering degrees in other disciplines such as education, business, government studies, art, mathematics, computer science, and more. Many Kansas degrees can be attained through online distance learning programs. Kansas degrees provide higher salaries ($1025 weekly compared to a high school graduate at $699) and lower unemployment (5.2 percent versus 9.7 percent for high school grads).