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Campus Degree Options in Maine (ME)

Maine Job Market: A Degree Expands Your Options

Four key industries drive Maine's economy: paper making, health care, tourism and energy (wind, solar, and tidal). Health care has been the state's fastest-growing sector for some time and should continue to be. Newer, growing sectors are renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Fastest-Growing Maine Careers

The industries expected to grow the fastest and gain the most Maine jobs between 2008 and 2018 include health care and social assistance, primarily ambulatory health care services and hospitals. Two others are educational services, and professional and business services--mostly scientific, technical, administrative, and support services.

As far as specific Maine jobs, those with the fastest projected rates of growth, from most to least, along with their median annual wages from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, include:

  • Network systems and data communications analysts, $73,250
  • Medical scientists, except epidemiologists, $74,590
  • Financial examiners, $71,750

Maine Degrees: Why Pursue One

Having an associate's or bachelor's degree may help position you well in the job market and may lead to higher pay. This is particularly true in Maine, where nearly two-thirds of net job growth is forecast in occupations for which some form of post-secondary education is required. Also, nearly half of job growth is expected in occupations that had an average wage of $20 per hour or more in 2009. If you choose to pursue a degree, you have school options. You may attend one of the Maine schools that offer traditional, campus-based programs or study through an online school.