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Let Montana Schools Prepare You for A Bright Future

Despite being one of the least populated States in the U.S., Montana's job market offers good opportunities for graduates of Montana schools and colleges. The Montana economy as a whole is doing relatively well. While the gross domestic product (GDP) of the U.S. declined 2.1 percent in 2009, and declined in 38 states overall, Montana's GDP showed a zero change, making it the strongest economy in the Rocky Mountain region. The cost of living in Montana's biggest cities such as Helena and Billings is low in relation to other comparable cities in the U.S. so the mean annual salary in Montana of $35,090, although lower than the national mean of $43,460, can provide a good standard of living.

The Montana Job Market

With 7.3 percent unemployment in Montana in October 2010, compared to 9.6 percent nationally, and lower rates in the big cities--5.1 percent in Billings, 5.7 percent in Great Falls, and 6.6 percent in Missoula 6.6 percent--Montana's job market has a relatively positive outlook for graduates of Montana schools.

The service industry is the most significant contributor to Montana's economy. Farming and agriculture, mining, and lumber production are also significant industries, as is tourism, thanks largely to access to Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, and the site of the Battle of Little Bighorn.

Montana's largest industries in terms of number of people employed in October 2010 were:

  • Trade, Transportation & Utilities: 89,000
  • Government: 88,100
  • Education & Health Services: 61,700

Montana's fastest growing industries were:

  • Mining & Logging: 8.7 percent
  • Manufacturing: 5.2 percent
  • Other Services: 3 percent

How Montana Schools Could Help Your Career

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about half of all new jobs created in the decade 2008 to 2018 are expected to be in occupations which require a postsecondary degree or award. Montana schools may provide the education and training you need to make the most of these job opportunities.