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Enhancing your Job Prospects with New Hampshire Degrees

With a statewide unemployment rate well below the national average, the economic outlook and job market is bright in New Hampshire. The state's motto, "Live free or die," stems back to colonial days, but now residents of this state celebrate freedom by enjoying some of the most beautiful terrain in New England. Major industries in New Hampshire include retail trade, education and health, manufacturing, and leisure and hospitality, as the state is well known for its winter sports venues. The per capita income in New Hampshire outpaces the national average, and residents enjoy a comfortable quality of life.

New Hampshire Job Market and Career Outlook

One way to judge a state's job outlook is to look at employment ads. In 2010, New Hampshire saw a sharp increase in the number of retail and sales jobs advertised, indicating growth in these fields. According to reports to the USDA, New Hampshire also leads a national "eat local" trend, and jobs tied to nutrition and health are expected to see growth.

New Hampshire Careers: Plenty of Opportunities

According to educational attainment figures from the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of adults in New Hampshire who have achieved a bachelor's degree or more is above the national mean. This means education is an essential part of New Hampshire careers and job opportunities. Thankfully, there are approximately 25 colleges and universities among New Hampshire schools, ranging from prestigious Dartmouth College to other research universities and community colleges. With so many options, students with the right outlook can find a perfect fit at New Hampshire schools.