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New Mexico Careers and the Current Job Market

New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, is just that. Beautiful terrain coupled with a thriving economy make the state an enchanting place to live and work. Technology flourishes in the New Mexico job market, and major industries include energy, solar and geothermal research and development, and emerging technologies. The New Mexico Computing and Applications Center is home to Encanto, the nation's fastest non-federal supercomputer, and promises of access to this powerful electronic brain are bringing hundreds of modern positions to the portfolio of New Mexico jobs.

New Mexico Careers: A Brief Outlook

Energy and technology industries are prospering in New Mexico. Information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that job prospects for qualified applicants in these fields should increase in the 2008-2018 decade. Both academic and on-the-job training are essential for work in the energy field, as is thorough understanding of computers and sciences. New Mexico's dependence on technology also will create opportunities for computer network, systems, and database administrators. This field is expected to see above-average growth during the next decade.

Education Opportunities in New Mexico

Approximately 25 percent of New Mexico's labor force holds a bachelor's degree or more. Many careers in New Mexico's fastest-growing fields require certification, and there are many opportunities for educational attainment in the state. According to information from The College Board, there are around 30 colleges in New Mexico, ranging from community colleges to universities and technical colleges to research schools.