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Education Degrees and Programs Offered in New York (NY)

Graduates of education degrees in New York work in a variety of positions for school districts throughout the state. Many of these positions are in teaching. Support staff such as administration, special education, and library services employ significant numbers as well.

The annual mean income in New York State for all occupations and educational achievement levels in May 2009 was $50,790.

The New York State Department of Labor predicts that between 2006 and 2016 total employment numbers in the state will grow by 0.6 percent annually. Engineering and construction jobs should keep pace with the general overall growth of the state economy.

Education degrees in New York and career opportunities

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following jobs in New York in May 2009 earned estimated mean annual wages as shown:

  • Postsecondary teachers, $87,780
  • Elementary teachers, $65,820
  • Secondary teachers, $68,010
  • Secondary special education teachers, $70,010
  • Administrators for secondary and elementary schools, $103,510

Students seeking education degrees in NY have diverse educational opportunities. The state's many universities and colleges allow students to earn degrees. Most education entry level positions require a bachelor's degree. Students need to pass an examination to earn teacher certification in addition to a degree.

Online distance learning provides opportunities for those with limited ability to attend traditional campus-based classes or who are already busy with families and careers.