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Technology & IT Degrees and Programs Offered in New York (NY)

Technology and IT degrees in New York qualify graduates to work in numerous occupations for both the private and public sectors. According to the New York State Department of Labor, jobs dealing directly with computers and related fields are among the fastest growing occupations in the state. It's projected that between 2008 and 2016 two-thirds of the openings for network systems and data communications analysts and computer software engineers in applications will be new jobs. New technologies are fueling the growth in these and other IT job markets in New York.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the most commonly held technology and IT jobs in New York as of May 2009 and the estimated mean salaries earned for each are as follows:

  • Computer software engineers, $93,910
  • Computer programmers, $77,540
  • Database administrators, $82,290
  • Network and computer systems administrators, $78,960
  • Computer support specialists, $52,570

The annual mean income in New York State for all occupations and educational achievement levels was $50,790.

Which technology and IT degrees in New York to pursue

Students earning technology and IT degrees in NY graduate with associate, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. Associate degrees qualify graduates for many entry-level positions while a bachelor's or a master's degree is required for managerial or more technical positions. Technology and IT degrees may be earned on-campus or via distance learning schools online.