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Vocational Degrees and Programs Offered in New York (NY)

The State of New York is an excellent location to study for a trade. Vocational degrees in New York provide abundant opportunities to learn the ins and outs of high-tech jobs in numerous fields.

Vocational degrees in NY prepare graduates for specific careers and trades. Most of these community colleges, vocational, and trade schools, offer two-year programs though a few offer three- or four-year degrees. Vocational programs are also designed to meet requirements for or to prepare graduates to obtain licensure and certification. Most degree programs result in a two-year associate degree.

Vocational degrees in NY train students for a diverse workforce. Graduates learn skills for all types of occupations--everything from computer programmers to medical technicians.

Earning vocational degrees in New York prepares you for careers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), graduates with vocational degrees in NY as of May 2009 were typically employed in these and similar fields with estimated mean annual wages as follows:

  • Computer programmers, $77,540
  • Librarians, $61,030
  • Sound engineering technicians, $57,150
  • Occupational therapists, $67,840
  • Licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses $41,910

The annual mean income in New York State for all occupations and educational achievement levels as of May 2009 was $50,790.

Growth in careers related to computer programming is expected to remain good in the decade from 2008 through 2018 according to BLS projections. In May 2009 there were an estimated 37,490 computer programmers employed in New York.