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Vermont Schools: Earn a Degree in the Green Mountain State

Vermont manages to maintain an even keel regardless of how good or bad the national economy happens to be. Vermont had one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country the last several years while many states were approaching record unemployment. The state's major industries are manufacturing, health care, finance, and agriculture and each are expected to grow steadily during the immediate future.

Vermont Careers Projected for Job Growth

While the state is not expected to experience a major economic expansion, there are some Vermont careers expected to be in demand through 2016--according to state projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Vermont's small population doesn't create many new job openings, but the state's high quality of living makes it a desirable place to live and the job market should be good for occupations such as:

  • Registered nurses
  • Computer software engineers
  • Post secondary school teachers
  • Accountants

Vermont predicts that up to 1,400 registered nursing openings could be added to the state's job market by 2016 and as many as 500 computer software engineers could be needed over the same period.

How Vermont Schools can Help Your Career

There can be competition for job openings in a state with a small population and applicants with the most qualifications often get noticed. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that almost 34 percent of Vermont's adult population have earned an undergraduate degree. Earning a degree may help you be considered for some of the most desirable positions as they open.

If scheduling is a problem, many Vermont schools offer online degree programs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the mean annual salary in 2009 for a registered nurse in Vermont was $63,230 and computer software engineers earned about $74,560.