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Campus Degree Options in West Virginia (WV)

West Virginia Schools and Careers

West Virginia is a state of vast natural resources, most importantly coal. Energy is a huge industry in West Virginia, providing jobs in management, engineering, and mining. Ranked 17th for the lowest cost of living, West Virginia's unemployment rate has stayed steady at 8.8 percent. Along with energy, manufacturing and production are two large industries in West Virginia. But the largest growing industries in West Virginia are healthcare and education.

Washington Careers: The Outlook

Projected through 2018, registered nurses in West Virginia are needed, with an increase of 642 jobs. Other projected growths are in the education field, where there should be an increase of 233 jobs for elementary school teachers. The mean annual salary for registered nurses in 2009 was $53,030, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The mean annual salary for elementary school teachers in 2009 was $43,960.

Washington Schools Create Educational Opportunities

You traditionally have a better chance for advancement with a degree or certificate. In 2009, 14.8 percent of West Virginia's population had completed a bachelor's degree. Getting a degree or certificate at a West Virginia school or program in a specific career field is a good choice, especially if your goal is to be in the health care or education fields. For example, a degree from an accredited West Virginia school in nursing may help you pursue your health care career goals and advancement. You can complete a program at one of West Virginia's campuses, where you can get hands-on training and experience.