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Online Assessment & Evaluation Degrees and Careers

Have you ever been required to take a test as part of the process for applying for a job? When you were in grade school or high school, were you ever tested for special services? If so, you have probably had a firsthand encounter with an assessment and evaluation professional.

In settings ranging from public schools to workplaces to correctional facilities, assessment and evaluation professionals administer tests to men, women, and children to assess a wide variety of conditions, problems, talents, or skills. Although the credentials needed to administer certain types of test vary, most positions in the assessment and evaluation field require some formal training and education, such as a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree.

Education & Career Opportunities in Assessment & Evaluation

Degree programs that help prepare you for a career in the assessment and evaluation field include psychology, social work, counseling, education, educational psychology, and educational administration. Some colleges and universities offer degrees in assessments and evaluation, while others offer this field of study as a minor or area of concentration for education or psychology majors.

To determine which educational requirements apply to the type of jobs you're interested in, scrutinize recent solicitations for jobs that sound appealing to you and take note of the degree or degrees required. This can help you reach career success in the assessment and evaluation field.

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