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Earning your education degree can open the door to employment in any number of educational tracks. From working as a kindergarten teacher to handling a class full of college students, the teaching opportunities in your future begin with a degree in education.

Most teachers in the public school system must hold bachelor's degrees in education and earn their licenses to teach before they can be in charge of a classroom. Private schools don't always require licensing for teachers. Some states offer alternative licensing programs for those who have expertise in a particular area; in this case, a different type of degree might be acceptable.

Education and Career Opportunities in Education

In 2009, the median income for teachers varied depending upon the grades they taught. Teachers of kindergarten school children made an average of $50,380, while those who taught at the elementary school level made an average of $53,150 per year. Teachers on the middle school level brought home an average of $53,550 in 2009, and those who taught at the high school or secondary level made $55,150.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the employment of teachers for kindergarten, elementary, middle, and secondary school levels will grow by 13 percent between 2008 and 2018, though the actual amount of growth will vary from one region to another, depending upon student enrollment.

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