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Break Into the Graphic Design Industry

Break Into the Graphic Design Industry

by Elizabeth Buckner
March 20, 2008

An Online Degree in Digital Arts and Multimedia Can Give You an Edge According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), graphic designers are expected to see the most job growth of all design occupations during the next decade. However, the BLS also expects competition to be substantial. Here are four tips on how to break into the exciting design industry.

Tech-Up: Get Experience in Digital Arts and Multimedia
If you're looking to stand out from the crowd of applicants, consider getting experience with new technologies. The BLS projects that "graphic designers with Web site design and animation experience will have the best opportunities." An online degree in digital arts or multimedia that includes web site design or flash animation could be your ticket to this career.

Consider Different Degree Options
While a bachelor's degree in graphic design is required for most entry-level positions, an associate's degree can also prepare you for a number of technical positions. If you want to keep your day job while getting additional training in digital arts, you should consider an online graphic design degree or take an introductory class from an online college to see if it's what you expect.

Get Experience: Consider Freelancing
If you're just starting out and want help beefing up your resume, consider freelance work. The BLS reports that 30% of graphic designers are self-employed.

Get Extra Training and Move into Strategic Design
The most stable graphic design jobs in the coming years may center on developing communication strategies known as strategic design. The BLS reports designers with liberal arts and graphic design backgrounds in addition to business and marketing experience should have the best opportunities. An online degree in multimedia and graphic design or business and marketing could help advance your career.

About the Author
Elizabeth Buckner is a freelance writer and current Fulbright grantee to Morocco, where she is conducting research on language education and the growth of English. She holds a B.A. in Sociology/Anthropology and Education from Swarthmore College.