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Building Maintenance Operation Professionals in Demand Here and Abroad

Building Maintenance Operation Professionals in Demand Here and Abroad

by Joe Taylor
January 21, 2010

The United States Government routinely recruits building engineers for building maintenance operation positions at sensitive foreign locations, such as embassies or military bases. In addition, recent attention to the use of illegal immigrant labor in some building maintenance operation jobs has created demand for certified building engineers.

If you have ever wanted to spend some time working abroad, a degree program in building maintenance operation can help you reach your goal. Individual units of the federal government regularly recruit experienced building engineers to handle routine tasks at foreign installations. With heightened emphasis on national security, department managers are reluctant to hire local workers for these jobs.

Therefore, government agencies and federal contractors are willing to pay a premium for talented building engineers who are willing to travel for a few years at a time. In many cases, these overseas building maintenance operation positions include lodging and travel expenses, in addition to relatively high salaries.

Immigration Concerns Create Opportunities for Building Engineers

Meanwhile, at home in the United States, crackdowns on illegal immigration and tougher code enforcement standards create new opportunities for building engineers with training from accredited schools. Until recently, some building owners or developers could get away with using illegal immigrants to handle building maintenance operation positions. Other landlords found themselves duped by realistic forgeries of identity papers and degree completion certificates.

Today, you can expect employers to check the credentials of anyone applying for a building maintenance operation job. Building engineers that have completed degree programs will enjoy a fast track to higher salaries and stronger job security in a field that has come under significant scrutiny.


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Author and business coach, Joe Taylor Jr. helps professionals change careers. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Ithaca College.