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Now You're Talking! Join the Media Team with Online Schools

Now You're Talking! Join the Media Team with Online Schools

by Shannon Lee
December 1, 2010

There's no doubt about it: communications and media professions help make the world go 'round. Earning your communications and media degree through online schools can launch your career in an occupation that is on a steady growth curve.

Careers in Communications

You might not realize it, but communications majors are everywhere. Those who have earned their degree in communications and media work in all kinds of professions. If it involves information, you can bet there is a communications major behind it.

Great careers for communications and media majors include:

  • Public relations expert
  • Broadcaster or radio personality
  • Journalist or reporter
  • Technical writer
  • Public information officer
  • Marketing and advertising specialist
  • Communications director

Where do communications majors work? You can find them in almost every type of business and industry, including health care, politics, educational institutions, and even on your television screen. In order to get their message out and their point across, businesses large and small will rely on communications majors to get the job done.

Online Degree Programs in Communications and Media

Online schools can be your perfect door to launching a new media career. When you choose to take your communications courses online, you are honing your computer skills, not to mention your time-management ability, and that can provide an extra boost for your future career needs.

For a better chance of advancement down the line, place emphasis on courses that allow you to shine in more than one area; for instance, those who plan to work in public relations for a major financial firm might take courses in finance and business as well as communications and media. Regardless, bachelor degree programs in some field of communications are often enough to start on the path to your budding media career.