Cook Up a Hot Culinary Career with Online Schools
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Cook Up a Hot Culinary Career with Online Schools

Cook Up a Hot Culinary Career with Online Schools

by Shannon Lee
February 7, 2011

Do you have the special touch in the kitchen that makes your friends and family beg for another dinner at your place? Do you bake cakes like nobody else in the neighborhood? Do you fire up a mean grill and create your own recipes that have friends sighing in delight? A career in the culinary arts might be where you hang your chef's hat!

Online Degree Programs to Unlock Your Pantry

Earning your degree in culinary arts can lead to numerous career paths, all of which have the potential to feed your love of cooking. Many culinary professionals begin with a vocational training program that lasts a minimum of two years. Those who intend to move up into the management side of the culinary world often take business courses that result in an associate's or bachelor's degree.

Work in the industry matters, too. Take every opportunity you have to work in a kitchen, no matter how small your role might seem. The more experience you have behind the whisk, the easier it will be for you to move up the culinary ladder.

Culinary Career Paths Start with Online Schools

What can you do with a culinary career? There are several different possibilities on the menu. Here are just a few that might tempt you:

  • Restaurant Manager
  • Caterer
  • Pastry Chef
  • Baker
  • Personal Chef
  • Executive Chef
  • Saucier

Online degree programs can also lead to other job opportunities, like cooking instructor, prep cook, or baker, or a degree might pave the way for you to own your own restaurant. The job outlook is sweet for those in the culinary business. Though the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects job growth of only about 6 percent through 2018, the high rate of turnover in the business means more opportunities for truly dedicated culinary experts. At a median annual salary of $47,210, the income for those in the culinary world can be sweet, too.

Are you ready to turn your cooking skills into a budding career? Online degree programs in culinary arts and hospitality are the door to the kitchen!