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The Future of Mobile Online Advertising

The Future of Mobile Online Advertising

by Stanley Rubenti
March 20, 2008

If you're looking to break into an online advertising career, here's some encouraging news: the world's more than two billion mobile subscribers are providing a fertile new market for online advertising professionals.

Mobile Online Advertising: The Billions Behind the Boom
One of the reasons mobile online advertising has grown so much faster than traditional television or PC advertising is the ubiquity of mobile technology. In many developing countries, lack of appropriate infrastructure and financing has spurred consumers to bypass landline phones in favor of satellite, WiFi, and cellular technology. In Thailand, for example, most people in urban centers rely heavily on their cell phones, while few can afford to install a landline. Given that cell phones and handheld devices are cheaper than PCs (and outnumber them by a billion users worldwide), it's easy to see how mobile online advertising has become such an expansive and lucrative industry.

Prepare For an Online Advertising Career
To really make the most of an advertising career in the new medium, you'll need to combine traditional marketing and public relations education with IT skills and computer science training. However, this marriage is not as straightforward as it seems, since traditional marketing is very people-oriented and information technology is more about functionality and coding. Moving forward, these two disparate fields will develop much more overlap as end users around the world clamor for more multifunctional technologies to meet their individual needs. By securing an associate's degree or higher in online advertising, you can more efficiently develop advertising media that addresses both the technical and personal requirements of mobile subscribers around the world. Earning this degree trhough an online college could also add a dimension to your studies that you might not get from a campus program.

About the Author
A freelance writer, Stanley Rubenti currently lives in Bangkok where he writes columns for a variety of publications. Stanley holds a B.A. in history.