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Get Your Construction Degree and Build a Career!

Get Your Construction Degree and Build a Career!

by Shannon Lee
December 22, 2010

Think about the most beautiful building you have ever seen. Got that picture in your head? Though it was designed by an architect, someone had to actually put hammer to nail and build the structure from the ground up. That's what a degree in construction can enable you to do.

Get a Construction Degree Through Online Schools

Earning your construction degree opens up broad horizons within the world of building design, architecture, construction management, engineering, and others. If it has anything to do with erecting a building, a construction degree can unlock the door to it.

Online degree programs in construction often include courses in computer-aided drafting, home inspection, building inspection, construction technology, construction management, and mathematics. Some choose to pursue an associate's degree while getting hands-on training in the construction field, while others might choose a bachelor's degree or even a master's degree in the construction specialization of their choice.

Go Even Further with Your Online Degree Programs in Construction

What can you do with that degree? There are several options. Here are just a few, including their average annual salary information, courtesy of the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers.

  • Construction and Building Inspectors: $51,530
  • Construction Managers: $82,330
  • Carpenters: $39,470
  • Civil Engineers: $76,590
  • Construction Equipment Operators: $39,770

Keep in mind that most construction professions require a license to work in the state or local area. Depending upon your specific career goals, other licenses and certifications might be required.

A high percentage of those who earn a degree in construction work on a self-employed basis. Whether you choose to work with a large firm or strike out on your own, earning your construction degree through online schools can get your foot in the door to higher pay and better job security. There's never been a better time to design that building or pick up that hammer!