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Chef Education and Chef Careers

Chef Education and Chef Careers

by Miriam Kasdan
April 29, 2010

Chef Education

If you aspire to work as an executive chef or a chef in a fine-dining establishment, you'll have to complete several years of related education. You can receive this education in a post-high school vocational program, an independent cooking school, a professional culinary institute, or a two- or four-year college degree program in hospitality or culinary arts. Most formal training requires some sort of apprenticeship or internship program. Additionally, some large hotels and restaurants operate their own training and job-placement programs for chefs and cooks.

Those who have received their chef education can start out in a cook or chef program without spending a lot of time in lower-skilled kitchen jobs. Other topics covered in chef education include using the appropriate equipment, preparing meals through actual practice, good knife techniques, safe food-handling procedures, menu planning, portion control, purchasing and inventory methods, and proper food storage procedures.

Chef Careers

Once you've completed your chef education, chef career opportunities are boundless. You can be a short-order cook, an institutional cook, an executive chef, or even a chef in a private household.  You can work in an unusual location like a cruise ship, hotel or resort, or health spa. . Chef careers in institutions include working in hospitals, nursing homes, and colleges and universities.

In short, the possibilities for chef careers are endless if you have the proper chef education under your belt.  Explore online or local education opportunities in your area and turn the love of preparing great food into a career.