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The World At Large: Online International Marketing Degrees

The World At Large: Online International Marketing Degrees

by Jonathon Donald
March 3, 2010

The world is quickly becoming one giant marketplace. Turn over many of the products in your house and you are bound to find 'made in' labels from all over the globe. There is no denying that the world is becoming one big super 'market.' Perhaps you should consider getting an online degree in international marketing.

Global Usefulness
No doubt, you're aware of China's growing economy and its impact on the rest of the world. China, along with many other countries of the world, is entering into a constantly expanding global marketplace where products cross many borders before arriving at your neighborhood store. This means that marketing degree holders, in some sense, have the world at their fingertips.

International marketing degrees are unique from other online marketing degrees. Not only do you have to become an expert in marketing, you also have to be well versed in cross-cultural business. Cultural differences and strategies for entering new and foreign markets are important for international marketing.

Terms and Education
Getting an online degree in international marketing can include studies in business, economics, advertising, and most importantly, marketing. Many distance education institutions provide degree programs that range from an associate's degree to a master's degree. Most online undergraduate degree programs require a traditional or online high school diploma, and are geared towards marketing. International marketing degrees are usually obtained at the graduate level.

Distance education is generally aimed at those students who need the flexibility online degree programs can provide. Many students are already in a career, have a family, or simply don't want the on-campus experience. An online degree in international marketing allows you to complete your degree on your schedule, so you can live your life and still get your education.

About the Author
Jonathon Donald is a freelance writer, student and teacher. He currently writes for HQ