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Why Earn a Master Degree in Business Administration?

Why Earn a Master Degree in Business Administration?

November 30, 1999

A world facing challenges such as regional expansion and globalization is hungry for individuals with higher knowledge and skills that often are achieved by earning a degree in Business Administration. This degree enables students to understand business terms, concepts and theories, while simultaneously developing their business abilities.

Types of Business Administration Degrees You Can Earn

Business Administration is a career in which a student can either earn an Associate Degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, a Master Degree in Business Administration, or a PhD in Business Administration.  Earning a degree in Business Administration is rewarding and literally opens the doors to interesting worldwide opportunities in any business field.

4 Major Concentrations of Business Administration

  1. General Management
  2. Human Resources Management
  3. Marketing
  4. International Business

All of the available degrees in Business Administration are intended to enhance your career opportunities.  Depending on the particular degree that you want to earn, each programs of study is often rounded with accounting, law, finance and statistics courses.  Furthermore, Business Administration is a great career for learning or developing natural decision making and management. You will be taught to become more proficient in analysis, and how you can integrate yourself into positions of leadership.

Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration often requires at least 123 credit hours, enabling the student's integration to most any business environment. Depending on your chosen degree and credit hours requirements, you can choose to enroll in an online degree program, a campus program or a hybrid program, which combines both online and classroom learning.

What a Business Administration Degree Can Teach You about International Business


When it comes to globalization, a Business Administration degree teaches students best practices with regard to international business. With a solid grounding in international core knowledge, students can tackle any challenge as professionals in a technologically sophisticated world.
Actually, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most internationally recognized degrees that a student can earn.

America's First Business School

As designation, the Master of Business Administration emerged in 1881 after the establishment of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, the first business school in the United States.  The Wharton School was an undergraduate institution until close to the turn of the century, when the Tuck School of Business was founded as the first graduate school of management in America. This school was part of Dartmouth College, and the first institution to establish the advanced degrees known as masters nowadays.

A typical Master of Business Administration degree program covers subjects such as economics, marketing, strategy, accounting, finance, organizational behavior, operations management, information technology management, supply chain management, government policy and international business.

Explore your options when it comes to earning your MBA.  Doing so can take you and your business to the next level!