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Education: Inside and Outside of the Classroom

Education: Inside and Outside of the Classroom

November 30, 1999

Albert Einstein's Philosophy on Education

Relying on the wisdom of a genius like Albert Einstein, we can travel through time trying to understand the spiritual evolution of mankind and the overall advances that we enjoy today. However, relying on your inner self is what makes the best contribution to you own future.
Mankind is the sum of many individuals, and the path they follow through their individual life. Investing in learning is the best asset that any woman or man can do for the human race, because his/her own evolution contributes to a number of advances for fellow humans.
Advances in technology have helped people around the world, but this knowledge has also been used for creating weapons of destruction. Learning to be wise is the hardest challenge that you must confront as a student, applying your knowledge for goodness instead of demolition.

Following in the Footsteps of the Greats

Following the exemplary life of renowned people, you can trace back the steps that conducted humanity to the crucial point in which all of us are sharing the same space and time. Is it worth your education for the future? Sure, it is worth it, because there are no small contributions when it comes to creating a masterpiece.  Being the architect of your own life, is more than a phrase or just an old saying, coined to encourage you to make bigger things. If you analyze the phrase itself, you will find the truth behind it. You can create or destroy with the tools that you are provided with.

Taking Your Degree into the Real World

If you have earned your online degree on on-campus degree in a specific area of learning, use your tools to make yourself something similar to a well-polished piece of amber: translucent and resistant in normal circumstances, but easy to melt and transform when necessary.

Using amber as a metaphor, remember that there is authentic and false amber; what do you want to become in the future? Education polishes and models students, but their true inner content and the results of knowledge acquired is only shown when time has passed by and reveals what it builds in their souls, hearts and minds.

In the book by Hill Harper, "Letters to a Young Brother: Manifest Your Destiny", we can read the following introduction.

"Young men today have been bombarded with images of wealth and success that tell them that buying the hottest car or the most bling-blingin' jewelry is what they should be motivated by.  There is an overwhelming sales pitch targeted at these young men that subliminally suggests that material goods are what makes them real men. I want young men to have knowledge of the things that bring them true empowerment: education, a strong sense of purpose, compassion, confidence, and humility, to name a few."

Like these words, take note of every inspiring reading that you find on your road toward your professional realization after completing your education. Earning a degree is an achievement; but learning is a lifelong adventure that makes you whatever you want to build.