Online Schools Bring the Classroom to You
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Online Schools Bring the Classroom to You

Online Schools Bring the Classroom to You

by Stanley Rubenti
February 5, 2010

Do you feel you might be too old to go back to school and earn the degree you always wanted? Are you afraid you'll be out of place because you're too inexperienced or too shy? Then why not have the classroom and school come to you? Thanks to Internet-based distance learning and broadband access, there's really no need for you to commute to school every day. Online schools have forever changed the world of education.

Can an Online School Really Work for You?
Hundreds of thousands of people just like you have attended class from the comfort of home, and at all degree levels from online high school diploma programs to graduate degrees. Lectures, class discussions, and seminars are all streamed via video online.

Did you forget what the professor said last week? No problem. Everything is archived for your convenience. That means you only need to attend class when it's convenient for you. It's not impossible to sleep through lectures when you attend an online school, but it's far less likely.

Other Benefits of Attending an Online School
An online school can give you virtual anonymity. There is no one standing over your shoulder. You can move at your own pace. In fact, your friends and family don't even have to know that you are attending an online school at all. Just chip away at your coursework during nights and weekends when you have the computer to yourself. Surprise your boss with a degree that can help you move up the ladder that much faster, or help you leave your current job for one that offers more options, flexibility, and pay.

About the Author
A freelance writer, Stanley Rubenti currently lives in Bangkok where he writes columns for a variety of publications. Stanley holds a B.A. in history.