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Make the Most of Online Degree Programs: Learn How to Study

Make the Most of Online Degree Programs: Learn How to Study

by Shannon Lee
December 22, 2010

You know how to study. Right? You sit down in a quiet room, crack open a book, and start reading and taking notes. Sometimes you memorize facts, or you might work through practice problems.

But with minor variations, studying is just studying. Right? Maybe not.

The world of online schools is different from a traditional school in many ways. That means the way you study for your classes might be different, too.

Study Tips for Online Degree Programs

Want to learn how to study online? Without further ado, here's a basic primer:

  • Schedule the time. Taking classes online offers flexibility, but that also means you can procrastinate like crazy. Avoid that trap by scheduling time to study, and then stick to the plan.
  • Ask questions. If something doesn't make sense no matter how you try to figure it out, send a prompt email to your instructor to ask for clarification. The sooner you figure out the point you are struggling with, the more effective your study time will be.
  • Pay attention to meetings. Chat rooms, message boards, and other means of studying in groups is available online. If other members of your class want to have a study session in a chat room, make a point of showing up.
  • Print it out. Sometimes studying for hours on the computer can hurt your eyes. Take a break from the screen and print out a few sheets of study points. An added bonus play: Take notes in the margins.
  • Start with the virtual library. Need more information? Always begin with your online school's virtual library before you head for search engines. If it is in your school's library, it is probably much more accurate than what you might find on a general Internet search.

Studying for online degree programs requires an intense amount of discipline. So buckle down, get it done, and earn that degree.