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Online Schools and Non-Traditional Students: The Perfect Answer?

Online Schools and Non-Traditional Students: The Perfect Answer?

by Shannon Lee
January 24, 2011

Sometimes, there just aren't enough hours in the day. When you've got a full-time job and a couple of kids, your free time can evaporate into thin air before you realize it's gone. That's why attending school full time can be tough for the non-traditional student.

But online schools allow you to work at your own pace. When you can set your own schedule, suddenly the juggling act gets a lot easier.

Online Schools and the Non-Traditional Student

Non-traditional students are those who have characteristics outside the norm of that of a typical college student. Non-traditional students are older students who have returned to school or are pursuing higher education for the first time after leaving the job market. They might be married students, those with children, students who are working full time, or those who are financially independent.

In short, the non-traditional student is usually someone who has been on his/her own for a while, with well-established work and family obligations.

Online degree programs work well for non-traditional students because they allow for flexible scheduling. Online schools that allow a degree program to be spread out over several years are also appealing to non-traditional students because there is less pressure to finish a degree program in a set amount of time. This can come in very handy when life throws a curveball.

More and more non-traditional students are going back to school, thanks to the opportunities presented by online schools. These students not only come out of college with more computer savvy and a higher degree, but they have proven to potential employers that they really can juggle several obligations at once and do a fine job with each of them. That kind of long-term multi-tasking ability holds great appeal for employers who are hiring in a competitive job market.

Online schools aren't just a way to get your degree--they are a way to get that edge that employers love to see.