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Online Schools or Traditional Campus Setting? The Lowdown on Hybrid Education

Online Schools or Traditional Campus Setting? The Lowdown on Hybrid Education

by Shannon Lee
November 8, 2010

In your search for the perfect online schools, you might have heard the term "hybrid education" or "hybrid learning." Hybrid learning refers to the combination of a traditional classroom setting and online schools, giving the student a complete experience. Hybrid learning might be considered the best of both worlds.

How Hybrid Learning Works

When someone is taking the hybrid approach, they might enroll in an online degree program yet take several of those courses in a traditional classroom. Perhaps only one or two of the courses per semester would be taken in the classroom setting, while the rest of the courses might be taken completely online.

A leader in the hybrid learning approach is highly respected Carnegie Mellon, where the Open Learning Initiative aims to combine the best of traditional learning with the advancements of online schools to create a complete educational experience. In fact, while testing the program on an introductory statistics course, researchers found that those who took the course exclusively online had the same academic achievement as those who took the course in the traditional classroom.

The nature of some subjects might require a hybrid approach, even if you take the bulk of the classes through online schools. If the subject requires hands-on research or working in a laboratory with other students, a hybrid approach might be your only feasible option.

Online Schools Offer Flexibility

For those who prefer the traditional classroom but simply don't have the time to attend class every day, online schools can make juggling life's responsibilities much easier. Whether you are a candidate for graduate degree programs or just starting out with an associate's degree or certificate, online schools can give you the advantage of a solid education without too much upheaval in your day-to-day life.